New Post Series: Brunch Menu Of The Week

New Post Series - Brunch Menu Of The WeekBrunch, brunch, brunch.

My favourite meal of the day. Although, let’s be honest, ALL the meals of the day are pretty good.

But brunch is special. I’m not sure if it’s just because you can eat almost any kind of dish, and have eggs as well. Or if it’s something else. Perhaps it’s the heady mix of sweet and savoury in the middle of the day. Or perhaps it’s because it’s a meal you tend to eat when only fun and relaxing things are stretched out ahead of you. Or perhaps it’s because it sometimes includes booze.

So every Friday, giving you plenty of time to plan, shop and perhaps even start cooking, I’ll be posting a new, weekly round-up of the very best in brunch for the week.

A mix of savoury and sweet, it will include my recipes – some old and some new – as well as the best I have found out there in blog land. I’d also love to hear from other food lovers, readers and bloggers, who’d like to be featured. Do you have a great recipe or idea you’d like to share with Ramsons & Bramble readers? Perhaps you tried something at a great restaurant you want to shout about?

Upcoming themes include gluten-free, whole grain, healthy and vegan, so I’d particularly like to hear from you if you have anything to contribute to those topics. And if anyone else has a request, suggestion, or a theme they’d like to see covered, just leave a comment and I’ll get to work.

The series starts next Friday 20th June HAS STARTED, so get your submissions in now!

Week One: Avocado with Strawberries, Crispy Potatoes & Pomegranate Cocktail
Week Two: Blue Cheese Scrambled Eggs, Lemon-Raspberry Muffins & Grapefruit Carrot Juice
Week Three: Ultra-Healthy Falafel, Aubergine-Yoghurt Dip & Mint Lemonade Slush
Week Four: Carrot, Avocado & Berry Salad, Apple-Cheesecake Tart & Cucumber Gin & Tonic


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